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Mining & Quarry Drilling

Mincon Carbide Ltd has a long history associated with the development of DTH, Top Hammer (Drifter) and Rotary (Tricone) inserts used in mining and quarrying applications.

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Following many years of continuous research and development Mincon Carbide offer a variety of geometrical shapes and grades to suit the most demanding environments and conditions.

To complement our DTH and Top Hammer offerings we have also developed various additional grades for Rotary (Tricone) drill bits that have been used with great success in North America, South America, India, Australia and the Middle East.

Due to the method of Rotary drilling, inserts used in Rotary drill bits have specific alternative metallurgical properties and geometrical profiles to those of DTH inserts.

With sizes ranging from 6.5mm up to 30mm we are well placed to service all drill bit manufacturers.