Mincon Carbide Ltd.  
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Core Markets

MCL's current core markets are dominated by rock drilling applications such as mining, quarrying, water well, geothermal, construction and exploration that utilise DTH, Top Hammer and Tricone (Rock Roller) drill bits

MCL produce and supply many of the worlds leading DTH, Drifter and Tricone drill bit manufacturers with significant quantities of high quality percussive impact buttons. These products are utilised throughout the world and used in hostile environments where high performance and productivity are demanded

Up until 2006 MCL was the carbide division of a leading UK DTH Hammer and Bit manufacturer. During a 20 year relationship MCL was instrumental in developing Tungsten Carbide inserts for use in percussive rock drilling equipment. This association enabled MCL to operate in different locations and ground conditions throughout the world and allowed us to utilise our resources and expertise to develop superior material grades and geometrical shapes that are still renowned the world over for performance and longevity.

As a result of continued strategic capital investment MCL is well positioned to offer complex and diverse tungsten carbide products to our core markets.