Mincon Carbide Ltd.  
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Quality Control Routines

The technicians within the MCL Laboratory are highly trained Metallurgists and they ensure that the powders, processes and ultimately the products we supply meet your specifications.

To complement their metallurgical expertise they are assisted by a team of fully trained Engineering Inspectors to ensure all geometrical designs and dimensions conform to customer requirements.

Only high quality premium powder supplied from the world’s premier producers is used within MHM products. Before entering the manufacturing process every alloy received is inspected to ensure it meets the stringent chemical compositions MHM demands.

All powders are blended in house by qualified engineers ensuring total control. Once the alloy has been blended it is sampled prior to release to manufacture to ensure conformity to MCL grade specifications and grain structures. This also enables us to provide100% traceability on all materials.

All our products are processed in high pressure sinter–hip furnaces to ensure they are free of porosity. Before progressing to the next stage of production they are sampled for alloy conformance and checked for hardness, coercivity, magnetic moment and density. At this stage full records are retained for future reference.

First off and sample inspection is undertaken at every engineered operation. Final inspection consists of 100% visual inspection and dimensional inspection against established or customer specific standards and geometrical drawings.

For extra security and when required products are also Non Destructive Tested with the results documented further enhancing our commitment to total customer satisfaction

Following final approval, certificates of conformity are generated for the customer and retained providing full traceability of the complete process and the materials used.